Social Media Management

  • Daily content management: Starting at $75/week
  • Daily content production and management: Starting at $200/week
  • Account creation, execution and daily management: Starting at $800/week

Social Media Consulting


Sessions include and are not limited to:

  • Blogging essentials
  • SEO tips
  • Content ideas: When and what to post
  • Creation of social media pages
  • Foundational tools for key social media platforms
  • How-to guide for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • How-to guide for tracking social media traffic
  • Introduction of useful apps for managing social media
  • LinkedIn development
  • Month-long calendar of daily social media post ideas
  • Tips to increase user engagement

Digital Content


  • Copywriting: Starting at $50
  • Blog posts: Starting at $25


  • Product photos: Starting at $100
  • Company head shots: Starting at $200
  • Individual head shots: Starting at $50
  • Building/space/architecture: Starting at $150
  • Digital graphics: Starting at $25/each
  • Event coverage-: $125 for first hour + $75 for each additional hour


  • Company snippets (15-45 seconds): Starting at $100

Questions? Email us at

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