Google+ Is Not A Lost Cause

If you think Google+ is worthless or unpopular, think again.

ImageGoogle+ is more popular than Twitter, yielding 390 million active users every month, according to Time Business& Money. This progress comes only two years into the business’ existence, which is a milestone in itself.

If you’re well-read on social media trends, you already know that experts have been putting ridiculous expectations on Google for its social network success since day one. The biggest thing to remember is that social media growth, from any perspective, takes time.

It took Facebook and Twitter years upon years to reach profitability and moreover, supremacy with active users.

Will Google+ be the future of social media? Like anything digital, it’s difficult to say. But one thing is for certain: Google is the master of staying relevant, which might be the key to unlocking long-term success with the social platform.

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