SEO or Social Media?


If you’re here, you’re already aware of the need for an online presence. Brands have daily decisions when it comes to when and how to market themselves digitally.

As the still-young social platforms evolve, so do the techniques for creating an internet buzz about one’s business. One of the most popular questions from small business owners has always been, “how can I pull in customers through my website?”

The solution used to be solely in SEO (search engine optimization), but social media engagement is becoming an even bigger tool.

Paul Smith, EMA VP for’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud told The Guardian:

“Most organizations have a pretty good handle on their SEO strategy but are comparatively under-resourced when it comes to their social strategies…there is a discrepancy there that people need to start addressing.”

The Guardian reported that engagement is vital for brands on social media, a tip we uncovered in a recent blog.

So, which technique is most important for your business? Both. The best solution for business owners is: find a doable balance between SEO and social media management. This can be achieved through monitoring your posts, keeping an eye on your traffic and testing new content.

Note that there are no set keys to navigation success for any small business or brand. As the digital marketplace changes, your strategy should as well. But to make things easier, incorporate finding the balance into your daily work routine. At first, it may be rocky. Over time, your digital marketing solutions will mold organically rather than being a critical thinking test once a quarter.

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